Sonoff Wireless Switches & Light Bulbs Now Work With Google Home

ITEAD Studio Sonoff wireless switches can be controlled by voice commands using Amazon Alexa or Google Home, but so far, the latter was only possible by emulating Belkin Wemo switch in alternative open source firmwares such as ESPurna or Sonoff-Tasmota. For people who don’t want to update the firmware themselves, and instead prefer to use the stock firmware with eWelink mobile app, the manufacturer has now announced support for Google Home, on top of the already supported Amazon Alexa service. The instructions are explained in details in ITEAD’s blog post, but basically, you need to start Google Home app in your mobile, select your Google Home device, go to Home Control to add Devices, select Smart We Link, login to eWelink with your username/phone number and password, name the devices you want to control and you’re done. You should now be able to control devices or rooms with voice commands […]

Sonoff G1 AC Powered Smart Power Switch Works Over 2G GSM/GPRS

今天,我搜索了类似于Sonoff设备的交流电源无线交换,但是使用ESP32,以便获得WiFi和蓝牙,因为后者更好地与电池供电的按钮一起使用。我确实找到了一个直流动力板,但尚无AC动力。但是,正如我访问ITEAD网站的那样检查它们是否有任何类型的类型,我发现他们有一个名为Sonoff G1的新型号,类似于Sonoff Th16,而不是使用WiFi,你可以使用2G GSM / GPR来控制交换机来控制开关远程。Sonoff G1规格:无线模块 - ST86四频GSM / GPRS模块GSM / GPRS连接GSM850,EGSM900,DCS1800和PCS1900 MHz支持GPRS多插槽等级10,GPRS移动站B 1.8V,3V SIM卡插槽传输功率:类4(2W):GSM850,EGSM900;1(1W):DCS1800,PCS1900继电器 - 最多16A(3000瓦最大)终端 - 6个终端[...]

Sonoff B1 is an $18 Hackable WiFi RGB LED E27 Light Bulb based on ESP8285 WiSoC

今年早些时候,我对基于ESP8266的RGB LED“亚博体育官下载AI Light”电灯泡写道,被黑客攻击以运行Espurna开源固件。这一切都很好,除了有些人试图获得一个,并以不同的硬件结束。因此,如果您想要更多的东西,这是一个“肯定的事情”,itead Studio已经设计了基于ESP8285处理器的Sonoff B1可调光RGB LED E27灯泡,并带有“4个垫”,以允许自定义固件闪烁。Sonoff B1硬件规格:典型的腔输出 - 600lm波束角 - 120度典型。色温 - 2800K-6500K&RGB全彩色连接 - WiFi 802.11 B / G / N @ 2.4GHz电源 - 90-260V AC 50 / 60Hz通过E27基础功耗 - Light Off:0.5W Max;额定功率:6W温度范围 - 操作:0ºC〜40ºC;存储:-20ºC〜80ºC操作湿度 - 可以使用股票固件的5%-90%Rh Sonoff B1使用[...]来控制

$23 Sonoff 4CH Pro 4-Channels WiFi & RF Switch Ships in a DIN Rail Enclosure

ITEAD Studio’s Sonoff family is a collection of really useful and inexpensive home automation devices which have been featured multiple times on CNX Software with either to stock firmware and eWelink app, or open source firmware developed by the community. I’m using a Sonoff TH16 to control a water pump, a Sonoff Pow to monitor my office’s power consumption, and Karl used some Sonoff switches to control his lights at home. The company has now launched Sonoff 4CH Pro with 4 relays that can be controlled with buttons on the unit, WiFi, or RF remote controls, and comes in a DIN Rail enclosure. Sonoff 4CH Pro switch specifications: Connectivity – ESP8266 WiFi module and 433 MHz receiver Relays – 4x HUIKE 230V/10A relays (max 2200W per relays) with NC and NO connection Configuration – K5 & S6 switch for mode selection; K6 switch for time selection (0.5 to 4s) Misc […]

Some Sonoff TH16 and Sonoff POW Manufactured in December 2016 / January 2017 Are Being Recalled

Sonoff Th16和Sonoff Pow是基于ESP8266 Wisoc的便宜和有用的无线交换机。我正在使用Sonoff Th16来控制水泵和Sonoff Pow来监控我的办公电力消耗。我在2016年11月初收到了我的,所以他们有时在10月份制造。制造月吗?是的,它确实如此,因为itead工作室刚刚为2016年12月和2017年1月之间制造的批次发出的批次发布了。问题是,虽然交换机带有16A继电器,但该迹线不够厚,并且如果您可以连接一个绘制足够电量的设备,它们会热量热量慢慢融化。问题在于itead工作室要求工厂添加“足够的锡到电线以确保足够低的阻抗”,但它们没有清楚地量化,这就是为什么产品不是为什么[...]

Karl’s Home Automation Project – Part 1: Home Assistant & YAML, MQTT, Sonoff, and Xmas Lights

Karl here. I am here to write about my home automation project. First thing I want to say is that I am very cost conscious and I don’t mind putting in extra effort into the setup of things to keep costs down. I did invest a lot of time and had to do a lot of reading to get my project going. It took while and I received a lot of groans from my wife while testing. I am still in the process of tweaking things. I started watching a series of videos on YouTube from Bruh Automation. He introduced me to Home Assistant. It got me really excited. He uses a Raspberry Pi as a server but I already had a Wintel Pro CX-W8 Smart TV Box which I use as a server. I run 3 Minecraft Servers, Emby Server, iSpyConnect DVR (2 IP Cameras), Unifi wifi controller, and […]

How to use Sonoff POW with ESPurna Firmware and Domoticz Home Automation System

Sonoff POW is an ESP8266 based wireless switch with a power meter that comes pre-loaded with a closed-source firmware that works with eWelink app for Android or iOS by default. But we’ve also seen Sonoff POW, and other Sonoff wireless switches from the same family, can be flash with open source firmware supporting MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) lightweight messaging protocol such as ESPurna, and I initially sent data from Sonoff POW to ThingSpeak via an MQTT broker (mosquitto) to draw some pretty charts. I did that with the switch connected to a lightbulb, but I’ve since installed Sonoff POW in my office to measure the room’s power consumption minus the ceiling light and aircon as shown below. Sonoff cable mechanism is really a pain for hard copper wires, as they are hard to push inside the mechanism, and something come out. I finally managed by it took longer than […]

How to Install Domoticz Home Automation System in NanoPi NEO and Other ARM Linux Boards

我最近开始试验物联网projects, and the first hurdle is to select the hardware and software for your projects are there are simply so many options. For the hardware your first have to choose the communication protocols for your sensors and actuators, and if you are going to go with WiFi, ESP8266 is the obvious solution, used together with your favorite low cost Linux development board such as Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi to run some IoT server software locally or leveraging the cloud. But the most difficult & confusing part for me was to select the server software / cloud services as there are just so many options. I prefer having a local server than something running only in the cloud, as my Internet goes a few hours a month, so I started with a solution combining ThingSpeak with MQTT gathering data from Sonoff power switches running […]