Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Is Now Available for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4, 7 and 10 Devices

As promised with the announcement of Ubuntu on Tablets, Canonical released a developer preview of Ubuntu 12.10 for smartphones and tablets that can be installed in Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 smartphones, as well as Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets. It is an experimental development snapshot that could potentially brick your device. Many features are still not available but you should be able to access the following: Shell and core applications Connection to the GSM network (on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4) Phone calls and SMS (on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4) Networking via Wifi Functional camera (front and back) Device accessible through the Android Developer Bridge tool (adb) You’ll be able to reinstall Android after trying it out, but all your data will be lost, unless you use apps such as Titanium Backup. The instructions to install Ubuntu 12.10 Touch are available on Canonical website, and you’ll basically […]

Wandboard Dual Unboxing and Quick Start Guide

I’ve just received Wanboard Dual development board together with an enclosure, and Wi-Fi antenna. This board is powered by Freescale i.MX6 Duallite Cortex A9 processor, and comes with 1GB RAM, HDMI output and Ethernet. There’s also a version based on Freescale i.MX6 Solo with 512 MB RAM. You can refer to my earlier post for more detailed specifications. I’ll start by showing some unboxing pictures of the board, and write a quick start guide (casing assembly, Ubuntu & Android boot, and development). I also planned to run some benchmarks and test videos, as according to a poll on Wandboard website many people want to use it as a media player, but I’ll do that a bit later since the current Android image is not up to the task yet. Wandboard Dual Unboxing The package I received contained 3 boxes: one for Wandboard Dual board, one for the enclosure, and one for […]

How to Open an Android mini PC / HDMI TV Dongle

自从我被问到以来,我做了一个简短的视频,展示了如何打开Android Mini PC,即Droid Stick A2。由于大多数套管都基于相似的设计,因此可以将相同的方法用于许多其他塑料外壳附带的迷你PC。其他一些带有金属套管的迷你PC,例如HI802,需要使用不同的,恕我直言的方法打开,因为您只需要卸下2个螺钉即可。对于Droid Stick A2,您只需要固定的头部精密螺丝刀。首先查找套管的两个部分之间的小空间,将螺丝刀插入最大空间,然后轻轻提起。观看下面的视频进行演示。Jean-Luc Aufranc(CNXSOFT)Jean-Luc于2010年启动CNwww.yabo188.vipX软件作为兼职努力,然后辞去了软件工程经理的工作,并开始写每日新闻,并评论[…]

How to Display dd Progress and dd.sh Script

在Linux / Android板或设备上升级软件通常涉及将图像复制到SD卡或MicroSD。在Linux中,您通常会使用DD来做到这一点,该实用程序将数据的二进制副本提供给文件或块设备。典型的命令是:

但是,在副本期间,DD默认情况下没有显示进度条。但是DD实际上支持进度报告,如“ manpage:您可以运行dd”,并发送usr1信号以显示当前进度一次,然后恢复复制。Linux突击队解释了如何连续返回进度。首先运行DD命令:

Open another terminal window to find out the process id:

And use the watch command to send USR1 at regular interval.

You should see dd progress in the first window every 10 seconds. It works, but the output is not very nice because dd will just […]

How To Root Droid Stick A2 mini PC

Droid Stick A2 Mini PC没有扎根,因此这是该设备的简单生根指南。首先,请确保您已经安装了最新的固件,然后按照下面的说明(来源:ARMTVTECH):将update_superuser.zip复制到Micro SD卡的根。将microSD卡插入Droid Stick A2,并在Android中使用Apps菜单,然后启动“升级”应用程序。选择本地升级选择update_superuser.zip选择重新启动并安装软件包,让更新通过,然后启动到Android。您现在应该具有root访问权限。此方法删除了su and superuser.apk的旧版本。它还可以使用基于其他AMLOGIC AML8726-M1 / M3 / MX设备。如果您有兴趣确切地知道它的作用,请unzip update_superuser.zip,然后open/open/meta-inf/com/google/google/android/updater-script。由于某些原因,我第一次[…]

How to Access the Serial Console in MK808 mini PC

Omegamoon在MK808 RockChip RK3066迷你PC上进行了非常整洁的黑客攻击,以将SparkFun USB连接到TLL板,并访问串行控制台进行Bootloader和内核调试。他要做的第一件事是打开设备,卸下散热器,然后在板上找到RX/TX垫。RX和TX引脚可以通过垫子访问,而不是通过孔通过孔,因此焊接更难,但没有什么具有挑战性的。他和他的兄弟还向地面焊接了另一台电缆。然后,他们通过设备的通风孔插入了一个6针头,将3根电线焊接到标头,然后将后者固定到套管上。最后,他们只是将调试板插入引脚标题,将USB电缆连接到其PC,然后开始微型(或等效)以开始访问串行控制台。我觉得 […]

How to Access the Serial Console in HI802 / GK802 mini PC

的优势之一HiAPad Hi802(又名Zealz星期802) is that it provides access to UART and I2C pins via through holes on the board. UART4 Tx and Rx pins give you access to the serial console which is a must for bootloader (U-boot), and kernel development or for debugging. The first thing is the open the casing and locate the debug pins on the board. The very best way is probably to solder a pin header, but since I don’t have header, nor soldering iron, I’ve done it the “MacGyver” way with 3 wires connected to TxD, RxD and GND, and some sticky tape. You can now insert the other side of the wires into your USB to TLL debug board (GND <-> GND, Tx <-> Rx, and Rx <-> Tx), and connect it to your Windows or Linux PC. The serial board should be recognized as a […]

GeekBuying Releases Firmware 1.65.4 for GK802 mini PC

Geekbuying has released a new version of the firmware (1.65.4) for Zealz GK802 mini PC that fixes NTFS and Bluetooth issues, but you may instead want to use deadhp1 version which also provides root access, and fixes “this item is not compatible with your device” issue in Google Play. There are 2 files available (Deaphp1): rooted_fixed_rt-M500a_v1.65.4_20130118a_updated.7z (link down) – Firmware Update 1.65.4 (127 MB) rooted_fixed_rt-M500a_v1.65.4_20130118a_updated_FULL_IMAGE.rar (link down) – The full SD card with 1.65.4 (747 MB) Normally, you would just use the firmware update file that contains the system, boot, u-boot and recovery partition (in this release) by following those steps in a Linux or Windows PC [Update: this method does not appear to work for anybody, please scroll down to use dd / Win32DiskImager method]: Extract rooted_fixed_rt-M500a_v1.65.4_20130118a_updated.7z Copy the files to a microSD card Insert the microSD card into GK802 microSD slot. Insert the microUSB cable halfway in GK802 […]