Beagle-Pi Emulator is a Raspberry Pi HAT adapter for BeagleBone Black (Crowdfunding)

Beagle-Pi Emulator BeagleBone Black Industrial

We recently reported the Raspberry Pi boards were getting really expensive due to a lack of supply, and the problem has gone on for while without a clear idea when the issue will be resolved. This does not help Raspberry Pi HAT manufacturers, and for instance, Sequent Microsystems has made Raspberry Pi HATs over the years most models with multiple relays, but also others for temperature sensors, and others automation applications. One solution would be to use compatible boards like ODROID-C4 or Rock64, but Sequent Microsystems found out the BeagleBone Black Industrial was well-stocked by various distributors, and instead, they designed the “Beagle-Pi Emulator” adapter to use Raspberry Pi HAT on the Texas Instruments Sitara AM3358 board. An adapter is needed because the BeagleBone Black boards are equipped with two 46-pin headers instead of the 40-pin header on Raspberry Pi SBC’s. The expansion board routes I2C, SPI, four serial […]


CoDASIP宣布了L31和L11低功耗嵌入式RISC-V处理器核心,可针对具有电源和尺寸约束的AI / ML IOT边缘应用程序定制。该公司进一步解释了新的L31 / L11 RISC-V核心可以运行Google的Tensorflow Lite用于微控制器(TFLITE MICRO),可以通过Codasip Studio RISC-V设计工具进行特定应用优化。正如我所理解的,这可以通过CodaSip CTO所示的完整架构许可,ZdeněkPřikryl:许可RISC-V核的编码描述提供了CodaSip客户的完整架构许可证,使得ISA和微架构进行定制。新的L11 / 31核心让您更轻松地添加了我们的客户要求,例如Edge AI,进入最小的最低功率嵌入式处理器设计。自定义核心的能力对于自数据类型以来的AI和ML应用程序很重要,[...]

Dragino LDS02 LoRaWAN door and window sensor offers long range and battery life

家庭自动化通常依赖于蓝牙le,Zigbee或Wifi等短程无线标准,有时在较大的房屋的中继器的帮助下。但是,如果您需要监控大型房屋,在一块土地或公寓上的几个房屋,您也很高兴您也可以为门窗进行,使用Dragino LDS02传感器使用Lorawan。LDS02传感器将像典型的无线门/窗扇一样工作,检测当打开和关闭时,以及需要多长时间,但将在城市环境中提供多达2公里的时间,以及电池寿命意味着它可以持续多年,具体取决于门/窗口事件的频率,以及上行链路频率配置。Dragino LDS02 Lorawan门传感器规格:基于SX1262 LORA收发器Lorawan V1.0.3类带 - CN470,EU433,KR920,US915,EU868,AS923,AU915,IN865门打开/关闭检测[...]

RISC-V设计挑战 - 获得免费董事会,RISC-V芯片和现金奖品

不久前,我写了一篇关于就是CH32V307 32 -亚博体育官下载bit RISC-V MCU that was found in a board with eight UART ports that could be controlled over Ethernet or USB, and the company has released some source code to use the board while inviting the community to submit pull requests to the project. But now WCH, RT-Thread, LCSC, and EasyEDA have joined hands to launch the RISC-V design challenge where the companies will provide a free board or two RISC-V chips to selected participants, as well as cash prizes with up to $1000 offered to the best projects. The companies have prepared 300 boards and 200 chips for this contest. All you need to do to get a chance to get either one CH32V307V-EVT-R1 development board or two CH32V307 RISC-V microcontrollers is to enter your contact and project details in this Google form by April 30, 2022. The conditions are […]

Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit to ship with Quectel RM50xQ or Telit FN980 modem

SixFab is now taking pre-orders for its “Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit” equipped with either Quectel RM50xQ or Telit FN980 5G modem fitted to SixFab’s Raspberry Pi 5G HAT, all housed in a plastic and acrylic enclosure with four antennas. The selected modems rely on the worldwide 5G NR Sub-6GHz and mmWave frequency bands, and the company says a data throughput of up to 5.0 Gbps (download) and 1.0 Gbps (upload) is possible with the kit. SixFab explained the 5G devkit is designed to help with the development, optimization, and testing of MTC (Machine-type Communication) and M2M projects leading to products such as IoT gateways, indoor and outdoor CPE, high bitrate video streaming, real-time sensor data broadcasting, high-speed mobile 5G hotspot, etc. SixFab Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit specifications: Works with Raspberry Pi 4 or compatible SBC’s with USB 3.0 port Raspberry Pi 5G HAT with M.2 socket optionally fitted […]

Pigeon RB700 is a DIN Rail automation controller with RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, CAN FD, 1-WIRE, RS-232, and more

We’re covered DIN-Rail industrial computers powered by Raspberry Pi CM4 module, but Kristech’s Pigeon RB700 automation controller may be the one with the most features so far thanks to two RS-485 ports, two Ethernet ports, CAN FD, 1-WIRE, RS-232, 12 digital inputs (8 optoisolated, 4 dry contacts), and 8 digital outputs. That’s for the common features present in all variants including RB700 Essense. The RB700 Standard model adds UPS, HDMI, analog I/Os, and TPM, while the RB700 Advance is further equipped with two M.2 sockets (for SSD and/or cellular modem) and two additional RS-232 ports. Pigeon RB700 specifications: Supported SoM- Raspberry Pi CM4 with up to 8GB RAM, up to 32GB flash, optional WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 module Video Output (Standard and Advance) – HDMI port Networking – 2x Ethernet ports USB – 2x or 3x USB 2.0 ports Wired communication interfaces 3x RS-232, 2x RS-485, CAN FD, 1-Wire […]

Raspberry Pi 4 4GB/8GB price is going through the roof (over 100 Euros in Europe)

While Raspberry Pi Foundation provides a fixed price for their single board computers. before taxes and shipping, the street price may be different, and I’ve seen several reports on Twitter of the Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM now selling for over $100 due to the lack of supplies. The problem seems especially pronounced in Europe with some users reporting a price close to 120 Euros, instead of the usual 50 to 60 price range. Geizhals price comparison website did even show the Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM selling for up to 149.99 Euros (About $170) just last week, but prices have now gone down to just around 100 Euros, clearly a steal! The price for Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM has also gone down, but it is still at 89.90 Euros according to the Heise’s price comparison website. This is probably a regional pricing issue, but the […]

英特尔推出Alder Lake P系列和U系列移动混合动力处理器

英特尔首先在1月推出之前推出了去年最强大的桤木湖系列,并在1月初推出了桤木湖-S台式机构和桤木湖U系列和P系列移动物联网SoC。但现在公司已宣布推出Alder Lake P系列(28W)和U系列(9W和15 PBP)第12代移动处理器,专为“薄型”笔记本电脑而设计,该处理器应该在3月2022年3月左右获得。28W P系列和15W U系列(来自英特尔的产品简报)的框图显示了同样的接口,包括EDP 1.4B,HDMI 2.0B,2X PCIe Gen4,12x PCIe Gen3,2x SATA ...和相同的50x25x12mm bga包。但9W U系列采用成本优化的28.5x19x11mm BGA包,没有SATA接口,PCIe Gen3接口数量较少(10 VS 12),USB 2.0接口(6 VS 10),Thunderbolt 4接口(2 VS4)和[...]