CNX Software Limited is a news and information company managing the “CNX Software” blogs covering embedded systems, the maker community, popular development boards and SBCs such as Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, and Arduino, as well as more obscure hardware platforms, Linux, and open-source software and hardware as a whole.

贡献者 - 英文版

Jean-Luc Aufranc(又名CNXSoft),创始人和主编 - 负责人 -Jean-Luc started CNX Software in 2010 as a part-time endeavor, before quitting his job as a software engineering manager, and starting to write daily news, and reviews full time later in 2011. You can follow him on推特orlinkedin

Karl Johnson, Contributor– Karl is a technology enthusiast that contributes reviews of TV boxes, 3D printers, and other gadgets for makers. You can also find him onYouTube

Ian W. Morrison(又名Linuxium.),贡献者- 伊恩对Mini PC感兴趣,并帮助运行Windows,Ubuntu和其他Linux操作系统的Mini PC的评论。你可以跟随他Facebookor推特

Abhishek Jadhav., Contributor- 高级本科电子和电信工程学生和技术作者。作为RISC-V大使,他在全球层面代表他们,是第一个印度和唯一的学生。他在印度领导开放的硬件开发人员社区,拥有超过80名学生。Abhishek是一个5G的爱好者,在智慧城市和AIOT中实施。

Saumitra Jagdale, Contributor- Saumitra Jagdale是一家后端开发商,自由职业技术作者,全球AI大使(Swisscognitive),Python项目中的开源贡献者,Tensorflow Community India的领导者,以及热情的AI / ML爱好者。

, Contributor– A free wanderer who is highly interested in technology, especially those concerned with saving and solving human problems. He could be nerdy sometimes, in that state he is digesting topics related to deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, the internet of things, smart cities, embedded systems, mobile robots, precision agriculture, and lastly machine vision. He can be reached onlinkedinor推特

Tiwalade Joanna Okedara, Contributor– Tiwalade Joanna Okedara is a content writer, and blogger, with a passion for all things tech. She also specializes in writing SEO content and spends most of her time researching new content marketing strategies. She loves to cook and plan events in her spare time. You can contact her onlinkedin

斯蒂芬维坎坦萨, Contributor– Stephen started writing about technology after publishing sci-fi short stories. His first White-Paper, written in 2008, was well received and inspired him to continue writing about technology. Today he writes in the technology space full time, covering a multitude of topics. During the time he wrote part-time he edited hundreds of titles for large publishers, in science and technology. He lives in Staten Island, with his wife and children. You’ll find him onFacebookorlinkedin

javier longares., Contributor- Javier是一名电子工程师,拥有超过15年的专业经验开发新的微控制器的产品。在此期间,他开发了数十种产品,其中一些产品在100多个国家销售。如今,他提供固件和硬件咨询服务,包括从头开始开发新设备。你可以联系他linkedinor viaSkype.

Siji Sunny, Contributor– An Entrepreneur, an Opensource Enthusiast and Researcher in the domain of Embedded Systems and Wireless and IoT – Has over 16+ years of experience in managing and contributing enterprise Research Projects, in Embedded Systems, Software Technologies, Product Conceptualizations and development, Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment, and Consumer Electronics. You’ll find him on推特orlinkedin

Contributors – Thai version

Sutinee Kerdkaew., Editor- 最近对技术感兴趣,特别是在智能家庭和物联网主题中,并开始写作和翻译文章兼职。你也可以找到她推特

Contributors – Chinese version

尼古拉斯董, Author- 技术支持工程师和RAK高级工程师,已深入参与嵌入式开发技术以及多年的东西行业互联网,并拥有丰富的行业经验和原创愿景!

魏琦, Author– Director of promotion and planning of CNX Chinese website, has 6 years of Internet product operation experience, focusing on open source hardware, AI, IoT, and other fields.

Jacob Li, Author- 嵌入式系统测试工程师,RAK高级工程师,多年的工作经验,在物品互联网上,熟悉嵌入式开发和测试的各个方面,并对不同产品具有精确的愿景具有独特的意见。

泰勒·李玉芳, Author– RAK senior embedded development engineer, has rich experience in Internet of things and open source software and hardware, familiar with the industry mainstream software and hardware framework, has a keen perception of the industry development trend and capture ability.

丽塔王, Translator– Rita has a solid foundation in writing, presents scientific and technical literature to readers in an easy-to-understand form, involved in open source hardware, AI, IoT, and other fields.


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