Photon Mono X树脂3D打印机评论带有Wash and Cure Plus机器 - 拆箱和首次打印

Any Cubic Mono X树脂3D打印机评论

Hey, Karl here. Today we are going to unbox and take a look at Anycubic’s Photon Mono X resin 3D printer and Wash and Cure Plus machine. The Mono X is what I would consider a medium size resin 3D printer that boasts a 192x120x245 build volume. Mono is included in the name because they have changed to a mono screen. They say there are 2 advantages when using a mono screen. 1 the screen lasts longer compared to an RGB screen and 2 it allows more light through allowing for faster prints. I won’t go into much detail as I believe most people are aware ofthis 3D printing method。总而言之,紫外线反应性树脂逐层固化,直到打印模型为止。.05mm的典型层高度与FDM打印的典型.2层高度可提供高细节打印,并且几乎看不见。这些较大的打印机肯定会使打印机更有用。

Unboxing of Anycubic Photon Mono X

Anycubic Mono X包
The Mono X came well packaged and nothing was damaged during shipping.

Anycubic Mono X assembly Shenzhen Anycubic Technology Photon Mono X


Any Cubic Mono X配件

8.5公斤树脂3 d打印机&power supply

Contents include the main chassis, build plate, power supply, handful of gloves and masks. Plastic and metal scraper. Resin vat. USB drive. WiFi antenna and a handful of spare screws. It feels very well built and comes in at 8.5 kg.

Build plates

I saw 2 posts about build plates not being flat in the Facebook group. The one I received looks perfect.

Photon Mono X Assembly Instructions

Instructions are included but only cover the leveling of the bed. Thankfully these types of printers have been around a while and there is a lot of content around the internet to get you going.

Wash and Cure Plus machine

Anycubic Wash and Cure Plus


Wash and Cure Plus accessories 清洗和治疗加上规格
清洗和治疗加上规格packing list

Rexall Isopropyl alcohol Approx 2.5 gallons (9000 ml) of alcohol is required. It was less expensive to purchase by the small bottle and it is more concentrated. I was only able to find 71% by the gallon at my local Tractor Supply. I am a little nervous about keeping this much alcohol in a tub and wish the tub was a little more air tight. I keep the tub in the cure station for the review with the cover on but may move to my shed when not in use.

First prints

Photon Mono X Sample Print I printed the pre sliced lattice cube on the USB stick and it came out nearly perfect and used the Anycubic grey resin. It still amazes me how well these print.


我跟进了半功能打印。这是覆盆子Pi的情况。树脂空间发生了很多变化,因此我必须研究工作流程。对于此印刷品,我使用Prusa Slicer来定向和生成支持。我认为AnyCubics软件产生的支持是过分的。除了一个角落外,情况都很好。不知道我是否需要更多的支持或需要增加我的层时间。

Wrap Up

If you have made it this far, thanks for sticking around. This is just the unboxing and first prints and while I am testing, I will be using this printer for functional prints and not nick nacks. I am also going to explore air quality/fumes mitigation, and using resins with different properties in the follow up.

Resin 3D Printer Air quality safety

Air quality is a big concern for me. I have to work in this space for my day job. I have one advantage for my office/maker space and that is it is not connected to my house and I don’t have to worry about contaminating it. I have about 100ft2/9m2 of space and it is easy to replace all the air when I open my window and door. For now, I am only going to print at night while not in my office and clear the air in the morning. I tried placing a weight on top to keep the fumes inside but the seal is not good enough. I have a working air quality sensor that I put together with BME680 and ESP8266 and have it send sensor data to my server but need more time to test before I share. It seems to be very sensitive. After setting up and burning in period over I cleaned up my space. The next morning I was reviewing the data and it was saying the air quality was poor which confused me. I couldn’t smell nor did anything the night before. After some sleuthing, the culprit was from the lid of the resin. I pushed the open resin bottle near the sensor while cleaning up and inside the lid was just a little bit of uncured resin. After cleaning the lid properly the sensor settled down.


如果您有任何想法,您想在评论中告诉我,如果您对VOC和树脂有任何了解。亚博体育官下载互联网上的信息很少,几乎我能找到的一切都与尝试出售空气净化器有关。亚博体育官下载可以在Anycubic website(with a Black Friday promotion at this time), or亚马逊我们


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3 days ago

Certainly worth discussing is the issue of “Chitusystems locking Resin 3D Printer boards to only work with Chitubox Pro or Basic”:

卡尔·约翰逊(Karl Johnson)
卡尔·约翰逊(Karl Johnson)
2 days ago

Yes…I think the Mono X is locked to Anycubic’s software but I need to look into it.

大卫·威尔莫尔(David Willmore)
大卫·威尔莫尔(David Willmore)
2 days ago

Hay Karl! Thanks for the quick review.

Am I seeing things wrong are is there a ton of warping on that Rpi case? I’m only familiar with FDM printing and I don’t know about warping in resin.

I assume you’re in the US or Canada (Tractor Supply). I also assume you’re south of me because we’re running out of open windows we can use to cure resin parts for free here in the midwest.

卡尔·约翰逊(Karl Johnson)
卡尔·约翰逊(Karl Johnson)
2 days ago

Yes. The one corner warped. I am pretty positive it boils down to settings and need to add some time per layer to make it a little more firm. There is a spreadsheet in the facebook group where people submit there settings. I middle of the roaded the settings people submitted they were using for Anycubic resin.

Yes foothills of NC here.

大卫·贾西(David Jashi)
2 days ago

Air quality aside, you will find yourself running out of alcohol pretty soon, if the container is not airtight.

2 days ago

I have mono X. I use water washable resin, so no need to store and use alcohol for washing the final prints – just use the tap water. Mine unit leaks UV light from the vents at the back of the printer which caused eye itching – I had to print a vent enclosure to prevent that. You can check yours by putting a white sheet of paper behind the unit while it prints, the leak shows blue light on the paper. Just be careful and don’t stare at it for too long. As a Linux user my other issue阅读更多 ”