odroid-n2+SBC gets Ubuntu 21.10, Chromium OS with Panfrost open-source GPU driver

ARM MALI BIFROST和MIDGARD GPU的Panfrost开放式驱动器已经走了很长一段路,而Hardkernel的Odroid-N2+板现在通过Panfrost驱动程序支持Ubuntu 21.10和Chromium OS,并具有3D图形的加速度。

As a reminder,odroid-n2+is a single board computer powered by an Amlogic S922X Rev.C processor clocked at 2.4GHz with an Arm Mali-G52 GPU, with up to 4GB RAM, and which comes with HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, four USB 3.0 ports, plus a GPIO header.

odroid-n2 + with ubuntu 21.10 + panfrost

odroid-n2+running Ubuntu 21.10 with Panfrost

Ubuntu 21.10顽皮Indiri是supposed to bereleased on October 14, 2021together with Gnome 40, butHardkernel早在八月就发布了开发版本,,,,withLinux 5.14and Panfrost GPU acceleration as you can see from the screenshot above.

ubuntu 21.10 odroid-n2+的图像和更早的图像ODROID-N2 SBC找不到the Wiki还可以,但应该在10月14日或之后到达那里。屏幕截图显示Ubuntu Impish Indri(开发分支)或Ubuntu 21.10启动Petitboot,,,,but I could not find the image itself at this time.

Odroid N2 Plus Petitboot

Ubuntu 21.10带有Panfrost的桌面操作系统应得到很好的支持,因为开源GPU驾驶员已正式成为最近的一部分Mesa 20.3andDebian 11releases. I should also get an ODROID-N2+ board by the end of October to hopefully confirm that.

Chromium OS + Panfrost on ODROID N2+

Chromium OS on ODROID N2 + Panfrost

除了由Hardkernel正式支持的Ubuntu 21.10图像外,forum member “AreaScout” also prepared a Chromium OS imagewith the Panfrost driver running on ODROID-N2(+) SBC.

他解释说,他已经成功建造并修补了铬浏览器以运行Ozone-gbm abstraction layerwith the Aura window system with Panfrost GPU drivers. Ozone is a platform abstraction layer beneath the Aura window system that is used for low-level input and graphics, and that supports the new X11-alternative window systems on Linux such as Wayland or Mir.

WebGL Aquarium 32 fps
WebGL水族馆演示渲染32 fps搭配500鱼

There’s no Chromium OS image yet perse, but you’ll find theinstructions in the forum,,,,which involves installingArmbian网站的Debian 11,最新的台面驱动程序和预编译的Chromium OS软件包,然后在命令行开始铬。感觉更像是带有Chromium浏览器的Debian,但是从下面的视频中可以看到,Chromium OS界面确实正在运行。

在讨论中,您会发现使鼠标光标工作(现在已修复)并且Google Play商店不起作用的一些问题。我不确定后者在非官方Chrome OS设备上是否真的可行。

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1month ago

This is a very good news.

1month ago

Wish they could get 2.4 GHz, from their S905X3 devices

1month ago

I think that anybody can build ubuntu 21.04 with armbian for odroid boards. And idealy everything should work just fine

1month ago

Same as on armbian…. but panfrost works horrible on G52 on master mesa right now. I already posted on mesa issue tracker. Its not usable since months. At least on cinnamon. Everything is glitchy. Similar happened on KDE..