Renesas R-Car H3 Deca核心处理器和无人驾驶汽车路线图

Renesas has recently unveiled R-Car H3 deca-core processor for automotive applications with four Cortex A57 cores, four Cortex A5 cores, and two Cortex-R7 “dual-lock step” cores for real-time processor, and has part the releases showed the expected roadmap for the implementation of driverless / autonomous cars.

瑞萨R-Car H3处理器和SIP模块块Diagram
Renesas R-Car H3处理器和SIP(包装系统)模块框图(点击放大)

Let’s start with the processor (R8A77950) and SiP module (R8J77950) specifications:

  • CPU cores – quad core ARM Cortex-A57, quad core ARM Cortex-A53, and dual lock-step ARM Cortex-R7 cores with respectively 48KB/32KB, 32KB/32KB, and 32KB/32KB L1 instructions/operand cache.
  • GPU - IMG PowerVR Series6XT GX6650
  • External memory – LPDDR4-SDRAM up to 1600 MHz, data bus width: 32 bits x 4 ch (12.8GB/s x 4)
  • 扩展总线 - 2 CH PCI Express2.0(1车道)
  • 视频
    • OUT - 3x显示输出
    • 输入/相机 - 8倍视频输入
    • 视频codec module (H.265, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4, VC-1, etc.)
    • IP conversion module
    • 2x TS接口
    • Stream and Security Processor
    • 视频image processing (Up and down scaling, Dynamic γ correction, Color space conversion, I/P conversion, Super resolution processing, Rotation, Visual near lossless image compression)
    • Distortion compensation module x 4 ch(IMR-LSX4)
    • High performance Real-time Image recognition processor(IMP-X5)
  • 声音的
    • 音频DSP.
    • 10x采样率转换器,10x串口声音界面
  • Storage - 4x SD主机接口。2x mmc接口,1x sata
  • USB – 1x USB 3.0 Host interface (DRD), 2x USB 2.0 Host/Function/OTG interface
  • 在汽车网络和汽车外围设备
    • 3针介质本地总线(MLB)接口
    • 2x Controller Area Network (CAN-FD support) interfaces
    • 内置以太网AVB 1.0兼容MAC
    • RGMII接口
  • Security – 2x Crypto engine (AES, DES, Hash, RSA); SystemRAM
  • 其他外围设备
    • 48x sys-dmac,16x实时-DMAC,32倍音频-DMAC,26倍音频(外设)-DMAC
    • 26x 32bit timer
    • 7x PWM timer
    • 7x I2C, 11x Serial communication interface (SCIF)
    • 2x Quad serial peripheral interface (QSPI) for boot, HyperFlash support
    • 4x SPI / IIS时钟同步串行接口(MSIOF)
    • 以太网控制器(IEEE802.3U,RMII,没有PHY)
    • 4x Digital radio interface (DRIF)
    • Interrupt controller (INTC)
    • Clock generator (CPG) with built-in PLL
    • 在芯片调试器界面上
  • 低功耗模式 - 动态功率关闭,AVS(自适应电压缩放),DVFS(动态电压和频率缩放)和DDR-SDRAM电源备份模式
  • 供电电压 - 3.3 / 1.8V(/ IO),1.1V(LPDDR4),0.8V(核心),2.5V(EtherNetEdavb)
  • Package
    • 13.84 pin Flip chip BGA (21mm × 21mm, 0.5mm pitch)
    • 1255引脚SIP模块(42.5mm×42.5mm,0.8mm间距)
  • Manufacturing Process – 16nm FinFET+

This impressive system-on-chip supports Linux, Android, QNX Neutrino RTOS, Green HillsIntegrityRTOS, and others operating systems. Development tools include an ICE for ARM CPU available from different vendors, and a development board with “car information system-oriented peripheral circuits” that can be used as a software development tool for application software. However, unless you decide to start a car company you probably won’t be able to buy this type of chip or evaluation board… Nevertheless, it could end up in your semi-autonomous car in a few years as while sample are available now, mass production is scheduled to begin in March 2018, with ramping up to 100,000 units per month taking place in March 2019.


自治车是一个确定的东西Google self-driving cars已经在某些道路上(速度慢)和公式e甚至规划了无人驾驶比赛因此,真正的问题是解决技术挑战可能需要的时间,解决法亚博体育官下载规,并使公众对自动车辆充满信心。上面的Renesas'路线图显示R-Car H3将用于2018年的障碍物检测,半自动驾驶(ADAS =高级驾驶员辅助系统) in 2019, while fully autonomous cars may launch around year 2020 and beyond with the next generation (R-Car H4 ?) platform.

Renesas R-Car H3 Demo with 4K display and two secondary displays
Renesas R-Car H3 Demo with 4K display and two secondary displays

您可以找到更多详细信息Renesas R-Car H3页面


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5 years ago

“Autonomous car are a sure thing, with Google self-driving cars already on some roads…”

I just wonder a couple of things about self driving cars:


(2)如果车上有瞬间的决定between swerving into a crowd of people or a head-on collision with a semi what choice is made here?

It’s way to soon for these things to be out on the road without somebody having answers for these types of questions.

5 years ago

Too bad it’s only for cars. Could be the base for an awesome PC replacement or a future proof TV box.

5 years ago

No doubt that software developers have full knowledge about your questions. But obviously the companies do not like it to be publicly discussed…